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Deborah M

Truly excellent in every way. Lots of selection. Something for everyone. Particularly good selection of Scottish minerals including agates and amethysts. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Definitely ask to see the stuff that glows under UV light. If you’re after something unique, you’ll definitely find it here.

Gabriel G

Dagmara is incredibly knowledgeable about Scottish rocks and minerals of all kinds (I guess that’s not surprising since she is a geologist!), and my girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Caledonian Rock Shop!
We were visiting Scotland from the States and this was our first stop, and it was a great experience, so much so that I think we spent half the day in there. We had come a long way and were excited about the large collection of Scottish agates, marble, fossils, and other minerals in the shop. Dagmara and her assistant were very friendly, helpful, and informative.
We mostly came for the Scottish rocks and minerals, but the store carries rocks and minerals from around the world, as well as beautiful jewelry.
We left with bags full of amazing agates, marble, fossils, and other minerals. And thankfully we didn’t go over the weight limit with our luggage on the way home! But we came close!
Well worth a visit!

Tommy C

The rock shop is easy to get too and on a main bus route. You can’t miss it with the giant sign.

I got a warm welcome from Dagmara and basic tour of the different sections of the shop then left to browse.
There are thousands of pieces to look at! From finished polished bits, raw pieces, gifts, fossils, jewellery and even a UV section!!
Only thing is you end up wanting everything for yourself so you need to keep coming back to top up your collection then seeing new things you missed the last time! If you are into geology, rocks and crystals, this is the holy grail to geek in


Amazing showroom of crystals and minerals. I could easily spend an hour or so here. Dagmara is really friendly and approachable and is always happy to share her knowledge. My go-to shop for genuine crystals and minerals.



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