Caledonian Rock Shop - Quality Scottish Minerals and Fossils For Sale

Scottish Mineral, Fossil and Jewellery Show is intended for sale and exhibition of natural stones and associated goods. Our Show offers all mineral and fossil collectors, goldsmiths, jewellery designers, jewelers, museums, specialist dealers, representatives of associated professional fields and suppliers of accessories the opportunity to engage in comprehensive sharing of information, purchasing, sales and exchange.

During the Show you will be able to purchase minerals, fossils, uncut stones, uncut gemstones, meteorites, gemstones, semi-precious stones, cut collectors' stones, jewellery with stones, necklaces & strands, unique and design jewellery with genuine stones, jewellery accessories, advertising and gift items made of stone, mollusc shells, mussels, coral, machines, geo-devices, specialist literature and collectors' items. 


We will be also hosting exhibition of Scottish Agates by Dr David Anderson, the co-author of the book "Scottish Agates".


The Show will take place inside of the Forge Fitness building, on the ground and first floor. Unfortunately on this occasion we are not able to provide disabled access to the first floor.

Please be prepared to pay with CASH for your purchases, as many of our exhibitors are private collectors.




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